Sunday, 28 April 2013

Welsh Laverbread Cakes

This New Year, Mr P and I spent a lovely few days with our friends Beth and Pete on Anglesey. the trip was memorable for many reasons, not least the following conversation:
Pete: Ooh, I'm going to cook this egg in the log burner.
Me: I'm pretty sure it'll explode.
Pete: Don't be daft, it'll be amazing.
Me: Hmm.
A couple of minutes later...
Me: I really think you should get it out before it explodes.
Pete: It's going to be perfectly cooked, and then you'll be laughing on the other side of your [BANG].
Sometime life grants us comic timing that would just look implausible in a sitcom. As you can imagine, I was laughing on both sides of my face after that little incident. Hysterically. For a long time.
But I digress.... why am I telling you a story about a trip we took almost 4 months ago?
Because it was on that trip that I decided to buy a tin of laverbread, a traditional Welsh delicacy that I'd neither eaten, nor used, before. And I only just got round to trying it out. So after checking out various recipes for laverbread cakes, I came up with this one. It's got a higher proportion of oats to laverbread than you often see, mainly because when I opened the laverbread it absolutely stank (and not in a good, brie-esque way). Although I don't know what authentic laverbread cakes are supposed to taste like, these actually turned out to be not half bad.
Welsh Laverbread Cakes
Makes 4
120g laverbread
45g jumbo oats
1 tblsp sunflower oil
1. Mix together the laverbread and oats.
2. Form into four 'cakes', and fry in the oil in a frying pan on a low-medium heat until the oats are crisp and the laverbread is cooked through (flip half way through the cooking time).
These are traditionally served with bacon, I believe, but wold be lovely with a nice poached egg on top!

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