Monday, 13 June 2011

'Birthday Present' decorated madeira cake

This entry is a bit of a 'cheat' - not a new recipe, but an example of what can be done with a bit of adaptation and imagination.

I made this variant of the 'Perfect Madeira cake' as a gift for my Dad's birthday. It used only one egg, and all other ingredients from the maderia recipe were scaled down appropriately. The cake is large enough to share a few slices, and small enough that it isn't a chore for an individual to eat. 

As I didn't have a suitably-sized springform cake pan, I baked the mixture in heart-shaped cupcake moulds and joined them together with a little frosting at the end. This meant that the cooking time was dramatically reduced - only about 15-20 minutes or so. Also, since it was impractical to wrap paper around each individual cupcake mould, the cakes came out a little domed, and needed to be sliced flat across the top.

Decoration was really simple, but effective: I covered it in one layer of soft white icing, and then mixed a pastel blue icing colour (using gel colouring, not liquid, so that the colour is vibrant and the consistency remains the same). I rolled this out and trimmed to make the parcel ribbon, and then sprinkled edible holographic glitter over the surface of the cake.

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